Company introduction

Company Status

- Name : ACE Cyber Technology CO, Ltd.

- Address : Icheon Namdong-gu Nonhyeun-dong 428-17 Nam dong-gwan 20 block 18, 19rot

- Type of Business (industry) : Electronics,  Communication equipment


ACE Cyber Technology CO, Ltd


1988. 11. 4


Shik Hwan Ko

Main Business

Electronics manufacturing and 
OEM production

Business introduction

-  Daewoo electronics car stereo toll processing company

 - Gradually with the production power and resource purchasing power, capital power were All necessary factors in establishing a self-production system to supply ODM and OEM Products.  

 - Car Audio and Video Communication Devices, House Electronics have been our main Industry for thirty years, with stable quality, increasing production, reducing production costs. In comparison to competitors, we proudly offer higher quality production of OCM and OEM

Ace Features

 -  Communication devices, HOME AUTO SYSTEM, CAR AUDIO, SET TOP BOX specialized production company, with stable quality and reasonable pricing

 - Because ODM and OEM is through toll processing, there is no confusion with our brand in the market.

 - From normal production process to production on due date

 - 30 years of know-how in production management, VDP, HA SYSTEM, Communication System, standard audio system, GPS navigation, Hydrogen producer and inhaler. We can produce a variety of products.

 - Most of our employees and staff have been part of the company for many years, therefore The environment based on trust and family-like closeness, allow us to deliver the best in Quality of our products.

ACE Cyber Technology CO, Ltd

Address : Icheon Namdong-gu Nonhyeun-dong 428-17 

Nam dong-gwan 20 block 18, 19 rot

Tel : 032-815-4061~3   Fax : 032-815-4066


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